What We Do at Deck The Walls

At Deck The Walls we consider framing a creative and collaborative process between ourselves and our customers. When you visit us for framing we will take some to learn more about you and your art so we can give you our best recommendations. Some of the questions we might ask include:

  • Where will you be hanging this?
  • What color are your walls?
  • What style is your décor?

Based on what you tell us about your taste and style we will start selecting mats, frames and other features to start building a design that will flatter your art and let it live comfortably in your home or office. At each step we explain our choices and ask you for your opinion. We want your frame design to be uniquely yours.

Once you have made your decision we will get to work on your order, keeping your artwork safe and sound during while it’s in the store, with a system in place to keep track of it at every step. When your order is ready we will give you a call, send you a text message or an email to let you know it’s ready to go home.

We don’t consider our job done after the framing is complete though. When you stop by to pick it up we will give you any information you need about hanging and caring for it, down to giving you complimentary hangers. We’ll even give you a hand in getting it to your car.

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